Why video ads perform much better than still images on social.

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Videos are a great way to improve your company’s social media presence

It can be hard to stand out from the flood of social media posts and images. So, how can you make sure your company is seen? 

One way to stand out is to replace your still images with lively video visuals for your advertisements on all social media platforms. 

Video ads perform much better than motionless pictures on social media. But why

1. Grabs the attention of your audience quickly.

Your eyes are drawn to movement. Additionally, sound catches your attention. The combination of motion graphics and audio helps to efficiently relay information in the most intriguing format. In fact, studies show that media consumers are approximately 27x more likely to click on a video than a still image advertisement.

2. Communicates important info clearly.

Now that you have your audience’s attention, it is easier to effectively and clearly communicate your brand’s message. It is much easier and 60,000x faster for an audience to process video ads than text. Consumers often have a shortened attention span when scrolling through social media and video ads perfectly package and shorten the important information to the audience. 

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3. Drives more engagement.

Video advertisements drives audience engagement significantly. Videos generate around 1,200% more shares than text or still image ads combined. Capturing the viewer’s eye and allowing information to be communicated efficiently will help to increase more active engagement with your content. This makes viewers want to further Interact with the video content whether that is liking, commenting on, or sharing the post. Studies recording the effect of video advertisements on consumers show a double increase in clicks and a 20-30% increase in conversions on video ads.


4. Leaves a lasting impression.

Because video ads are much better at grabbing the attention of your target audience for a longer period of time, it can have a profound and lingering influence. Studies prove that viewers retain 95% of information communicated by video, whereas viewers only retain 10% of information shared by still images and text advertisements. Because more information is stored and consumed, the viewers are more likely to associate a brand with a positive and impressionable experience. 

5. Increases purchases.

All of these factors contribute to an increase in purchases for your business. Stats show that after watching a video advertisement, 64% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase. Additionally, an audience member’s intent to buy from your company can increase by 97% from a positive experience with your video advertisement.

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Although video advertisements have clear benefits over static images and text, it is important to incorporate a balanced feed. However, utilizing the effect of video ads is absolutely essential, and no one understands this more than Pinch! We work with companies small and large and everything in between. Our team will craft content to all of your marketing and media needs— whether it be web design, video production, animation and motion graphics, explainer videos, social media design and management, and more! Add a little pinch of creativity with Pinch.

To see our video projects and more, check out what we’ve done!

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