The Timeless Appeal of Whiteboard Hand-Drawn Style Animation:

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5 Reasons to Choose It for Your Business.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, where trends and technologies evolve constantly, some classic approaches remain evergreen. Cool new animation styles are being created by brilliant studios all over the word every day. But, when it comes to explaining something clearly, easily, and memorably, there is one true king. And that, is whiteboard animation. 

Whiteboard, aka hand-drawn style animation, is one such timeless gem that continues to captivate audiences and effectively convey messages for businesses. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider this engaging form of animation for your marketing endeavors:

  • Authenticity and Connection:
    • Whiteboard animations offer a human touch, providing a genuine and relatable experience for viewers. The hand-drawn style elicits emotions and creates a personal connection, fostering a deeper understanding of your business message.


  • Simplicity and Clarity:
    • The simplicity of whiteboard animations helps in conveying complex ideas or messages in an easily digestible manner. The clean and uncluttered visuals keep the focus on the content, ensuring that your message is delivered clearly and effectively.


  • Versatility and Adaptability:
    • Whiteboard animations can adapt to various industries and subjects. Whether you’re explaining a product, sharing a story, or simplifying a process, the versatility of this style allows it to suit a wide range of marketing objectives. ANY topic or story can be produced in whiteboard style. 


  • Memorability and Recall:
    • The dynamic nature of hand-drawn animations aids in memory retention. Viewers are more likely to remember your message and associate it with the unique, engaging style of whiteboard animation. 


  • Produce it Quickly and Affordably:
    • In a sea of expensive digital content, whiteboard animations provide a distinctive edge that can set your business apart – its price. This style is easy to produce, quick to turn around, and one of the most affordable video styles out there. You can get a whiteboard video up and running for your marketing in days!

Ready to infuse your marketing strategy with the captivating power of whiteboard hand-drawn style animation? Reach out to the Pinch team today and let us bring your business story to life in a way that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. Your unique journey in the world of captivating animation awaits!


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