If your website doesn’t have any video, it’s hurting your business. Here’s why:

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Video, in today’s digital marketing world, is an absolute necessity.

In today’s business environment, if you don’t have a website, many of your customers won’t know you exist. If you have a website without video, many visitors won’t stay to learn more, then decide to contact you, and ask questions about how you can help them.

More than 80% of consumers say video content helps them connect with brands. Video helps visitors understand what you do and how you and your products and services can make them better. Today, people expect to see it. On average, consumers are spending six hours and 48 minutes each week watching video and gathering information (Limelight, 2019).

Here are some thoughts we have heard about the value of video, and our responses.

“Video sounds too expensive”

Costs for a fun and engaging video literally starts at 600 dollars. Seriously. Putting you in front of a camera with a script, followed by a little editing, will convey a direct and convincing message at a low price. Additional production services like animation, drone photography and hiring actors will expand the range of engagement with your audience, and boost the cost. If your budget is limited, a lower-rate video is better than no video. We can tailor your budget to the best video option. From whiteboard animation to stock footage, we can create a video that sells you around the clock online. 

“Video seems too hard to produce”

It’s not easy, that’s for sure  — if you try to do it all yourself. Pinch brings the production studio right to you. We take your idea and turn it into reality. If you don’t know exactly what you want, we will brainstorm options with you. We streamline the process, make a video that is beautiful, or newsy, or educational (or all three) while working with your feedback and guidance.

“We wouldn’t know how to best use it once we have it”

We will help you utilize your video to the max. Video is content that can be repurposed throughout your marketing efforts. In addition to your website homepage, or product page, video can go live on a cool new landing page. We can help load it onto YouTube and embed it in a social media campaign. Snippets of the video can illustrate ads on Google or Facebook. Your video can be resized for instagram stories and sized for an app store. We are pros at spreading your video across the vast wide internet. 

“I don’t know to start”

Talk to an expert who will explain the options. You can choose from among live action, stop motion, talking head, green screen and animation. A production studio will guide you with scripting, help you decide what you want a video to achieve — Sell? Brand? Improve your image? — and which form of video will best meet that goal.

“My current marketing seems to work OK”

We can make it even better. When Renderforest.com surveyed businesses that used video in 2020, respondents overwhelmingly reported positive results.

  • 78%: Website traffic increased
  • 71%: Time on their website increased (which increases SEO)
  • 69%: Generated more leads
  • 54%: Increased their sales.
  • 70%: Increased brand awareness
  • 88% Positive ROI from investing in video

Now do you see?! You desperately need video for your marketing efforts. It’s a no brainer. 

Contact Pinch today and let’s talk about how we can create an awesome video (within your budget) for your next marketing push. 

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