5 Easy Steps to Improving Your Social Media Performance (pretty much instantly)

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1. Complete a full social audit [Check Under The hood!]

The easiest and first step is to simply pop the hood and conduct a full inspection. Nothing is more discouraging for a potential customer to come across a dead link, a broken tab, or a page not found. It’s frustrating and could potentially kill a possible sale or lead. Perform a full audit of your social pages – click and explore everything to make sure it’s all working correctly. Stalk your own pages feverishly to make sure they are fully optimized to engage your customers and fans, and keep them exploring your pages.

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2. Craft a posting strategy

Posting sporadically without any plan of attack is not only cumbersome for you and your social efforts, but could consistently miss the mark on easy opportunities throughout the month to capture your audience when they’re most available. Formulate a game plan and stick to it! Decide your posting frequency, social posting times for your audience, objectives, and the best social platform. Having a plan will allow you to grab the most impressions and reach.

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3. Develop content themes

Racking your brain daily to think of new content for your posts is unsustainable, unrealistic, and doesn’t allow you to look at your posts holistically. In an effort to engage and entertain, implement a disciplined yet flexible posting strategy that incorporates a variety of content themes and initiatives. While priorities will vary week-to-week, content will generally consist of sectors of your business, including seasonal content, promotions, special offers, consumer engagement, hashtag relevant days of the week, behind-the-scenes, and more.

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4. Build a monthly posting calendar

Now that you’ve developed a ton of content and have created a blueprint for your social, it’s time to strategically fill the calendar with the posts, at the most appropriate times. Get ahead of schedule, so you’re working one month out, to allow time to make changes, tweak your strategy, and pilot new concepts. Having a view of the future gives you a better sense of where your social presence is headed, and gives you more time to be creative for the future. 

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5. Engage your audience

All the pieces are in place. Now it’s time to get your followers talking! Don’t post at your customers, post with them. Ask questions, create polls, elicit responses, lead them to your site, and get a conversation going. Use the text section above the posts to entice your followers to react with a “like,” making a comment below, or sharing the post. The more feedback your posts get, the more it gets seen, and the larger your audience will grow.

Finally…Don’t give up!

It can feel overwhelming! You need to be posting frequently, strategically, and creatively, and even then, with the social platform backend algorithms, your post can fall flat. With proactive thinking, inventive posts, and smart posting, you can gain a great following and build your brand.

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Overwhelmed? We can HELP.

Pinch has 15 years of social marketing experience and can assist your brand, company, or mission, with social strategy, creation, advertising, and analysis. Utilizing today’s tools to navigate and post on the right platform at the right time, we can help increase your engagements, impression, and click-through rates. 

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