Top ways to improve your SEO fast!

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Optimize your content for search engines to get more eyes to your site

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As a marketer, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that you’re getting enough eyes on your page. After all, if people can’t find your site from Google or other search engines, there’s no chance that you can turn them into a customer. The results speak for themselves – people almost never go past the first page of search results to find what they’re looking for, so it’s vital that you can get your site to the top of these rankings. If you have a new site, it can seem daunting to get yourself on Google’s front page. Don’t worry! We can help you navigate the world of SEO with these simple steps:

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is create a keyword list. When you’re first starting out, don’t try and compete with the larger companies in your space. Stick with long-tail keywords – phrases that are longer and more specific – to start. These keywords will have a lower search volume, but a higher chance of getting clicks. In fact, almost 70% of search queries are made using long-tail keywords! Even giant companies like Amazon use long-tail keywords. The online giants attribute 57% of their sales to long-tail searches.
  • Take Pinch as an example – our keyword list consists of terms like “video production studio near me” and “new jersey marketing studio”. These terms won’t have the same search volume as, say, “video production”, but there’s a much higher chance people will find Pinch by using these more specific terms.
  • Also, when you’re putting together your keyword list, try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think of phrases you might search for yourself if you were trying to find your business online. For inspiration, start typing some phrases into Google and see what the algorithm thinks you’re looking for. This will give you an idea of what customers will see when searching these phrases.
  • Once you fill out your list, be sure to sprinkle these keywords throughout all of your content. Always remember, people will love your brand, but they need to find you first. Use keywords on your main site and product pages as well as in your social media posts, blog posts, and any other content you may have! 
  • Check out how Under Armour uses their caption to capture attention through searches. They use terms that people looking for their products might search for – training gear and performance – and direct users to the link in their bio to learn more. You can also use keywords in your post’s hashtags for even more visibility!
  • After you’ve implemented your SEO strategy, it’s important to refresh your keyword list constantly. Keep an eye out to see what keywords seem to be working for you and ditch the ones that aren’t helping you out. Also be sure to add new keywords to your list for new products or services. 
  • The world of SEO is rapidly changing – if you don’t update your strategy constantly, you’ll be left behind! Google knows how often you’re refreshing your content, so be sure to change your keywords on a consistent basis. 
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One more thing to remember – even though you will be using these keywords constantly, don’t forget that you’re catering to a human audience. Don’t just stuff keywords in your social media or blog posts, make sure that you’re writing things for real people. Google will know if you’re trying to game the system, and they’ll punish you for it. See Richard Marriot, for example, who grew his search traffic by nearly 350% in just a week by using simple white hat SEO practices. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give your website a boost by focusing on SEO. 

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