Top reasons why your website needs a visual upgrade.

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A website is an awesome tool to show the world what you’re about!

In today’s digital world, keeping your website fresh and up to date is vital. After all, your website tells potential new customers or clients the story of your business and what you’re all about. Here are just a few of the many reasons why your website needs a visual upgrade.

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Tell Your Story

When people come to your website, they most likely want to learn more about your brand. What do you do? What are your values? How can you be contacted? All of these things together help to tell your story, something that is essential for any website. By updating and improving your site’s design, you’ll create a destination that is more visually appealing and conveys to potential customers a sense of consistency and professionalism. Even small things like keeping a consistent color scheme, embedding short videos (the average user spends 88% more time on pages with videos!) or photos in place of text, and simplifying your user interface can help to tell your story in a more concise and appealing way.

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Show Potential Customers You Care

The devil is in the details, right? Well, in the case of web design, details are everything. Have you ever been to a website or social media page with lots of clunky text, blurry images, or unappealing visuals? If so, that probably made you stop and think for a second if you want to interact with that page in the future. After all, if they can’t put together a nice looking website, how are they supposed to assist you with your important and costly projects? 

In many cases, a visit to your website is the first glimpse a customer has into your business…you want to show them you care, right? In fact, 94% of first impressions of your business relate to your site’s web design. Don’t pass up this imperative opportunity to gain a potential client’s interest and more importantly – their trust. Presenting a clean, professional image on your site can help turn prospective customers into longtime partners. 

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Make Your Site More Memorable (Science Says So!)

Visual information can be processed by the brain much faster than text, but by how much? Five times faster? Ten? Try 60,000. That’s right, visual information is ridiculously easier for the brain to interpret. Furthermore, people tend to remember only 20% of what they read, but around 37% of what they see. If your website has paragraph after paragraph of text, you might want to look at mixing it up with compelling visuals. Remember: it’s all about telling your story, and that can be hard to do if people that come to your website have to sift through endless lines to text to figure out what you’re all about.

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Present Yourself as a Forward-Thinking Company

For people that are returning to your site, seeing updated appealing visuals can show that you are looking toward the future. Make sure to look through your site periodically to add new photos or videos and remove media that is outdated or unnecessary to your current goals. Check out some current design trends and try to emulate them in your updated design. Returning customers will see that you are always looking to improve your image and enhance your digital footprint. 

If you’re searching for some help to keep your website looking it’s best, look no further. Pinch can refresh your website by adding lively visuals and cutting-edge features such as: responsive features (live chat, email capture, etc.), e-commerce functions, showcasing product features, and backend SEO optimization so the world can see your awesome new site!

Take a look at some of our recent web design work…if you want your site to look fresh and up-to-date like these, send us a message!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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