Top Reasons Small Businesses Don’t Need a Large Ad Agency

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We have big agencies quaking in their boots

So we heard you have a big marketing push coming up? Surely you’ll need some excellent creative to help tell the story of your brand.

You’re thinking about going to a big marketing agency? WAIT! Did you know all of the drawbacks of working with a big agency? They’re bloated, slow, and way too expensive. Not to mention all the hoops you have to jump through to get something done quickly. 

With the shift toward digital marketing and social media, you need to be nimble and ready to crank out content in a flash. As David Perrell said, “Agencies think in 3-6 month timelines. Brands need to execute in 3-6 hour timelines.” Big agencies also might use a “one size fits all” approach which won’t help your brand stand out. Throw in long timelines, huge budgets, and unclear expectations, and you’ll see big agencies just aren’t worth it anymore.

Before you get tied up with an agency, let me tell you why Pinch is the right fit for all of your marketing and creative needs.

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1. We create beautiful, award-winning creative

  • Some agencies are specialists in just one area – whether it’s advertising or social media management. Pinch knows your marketing strategy is much more than just one channel – that’s why we create award-winning content across ALL mediums. Maybe one week you need a social ad and the next you want to produce a podcast? Pinch can do it. Looking for both a commercial and an internal HR video? We got it covered.
  • Our work is always beautiful, fun, and engaging. You won’t be getting boring cookie cutter brand kits or product photos…we pride ourselves on producing one-of-a-kind creative, catering to our clients unique needs. If you want to turn heads with your next marketing campaign, our creative will definitely do the trick.
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2. We’re extremely affordable

  • We understand that you can’t always throw around money for a huge contract. We excel at working with any budget. We’ve done work for lots of large companies like Verizon and Disney, but we’re just as proud of our partnerships with startups like Twrl Milk Tea. Everyone can use beautiful videos and animations, but not all companies have the big agency budget. That’s where we come in!
  • We’re smart and strategic and will work with you to get you the best bang for your buck. Why waste money with a big agency when you could get better work and higher engagement while also keeping more cash for your business?
  • The content we produce is trained to run marathons for your marketing campaigns. One video can be turned into a million things – from digital ads to still images and fun animations for your social media pages. We’ll help you stretch your budget further than a big agency could ever dream of.
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3. We’re much faster than large, bloated agencies

  • Pinch is nimble and quick on our feet, unlike some of the big agencies out there. Thanks to our small size, we’re able to work quickly and efficiently. We don’t have account managers who need to report to strategists who need to report to the VP of creative who need to report to the creative director…you get the point. With a big agency, sometimes even a simple request could take weeks by the time it gets through the maze of their organization. I’m sure you’re exhausted just thinking about it. Rest assured, you can throw away the annoying red tape when you work with us! 
  • We’ve produced some amazing things, you guessed it, in a pinch! Need a social ad in a few days? We can do it in as little as 72 hours. A social media campaign starting this weekend? Yep, we’re on it. We can even produce content for you on the same day if you’re really in a bind. 

Ready to hear more reasons to hire Pinch? We know your phone is right there, why not give us a call? We’re always ready to produce some award-winning content for your business. 

Our creative experts would love to explain our process and show you our secret sauce. Just promise you won’t share our recipe with the big agencies!

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