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Video Production

Video from the ground to the clouds

When you need to demonstrate visually what you or a client does and how they do it, Pinch has all the assets to create a video that shows you at your best. From live-action commercials to interviews, green-screen, case studies, sizzle reels, to virtual conference presentations, if a camera is needed, we can produce it. 

This is what video can do:

  • Draw visitors to the homepage
  • Show potential customers full product features
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of a company’s leaders, employees — and satisfied customers
  • Bring viewers into the sky with shots from our drones
  • Anchor a commercial
  • Video can even be emailed to new leads.

Pinch will work with you to create this unique content, showcase it, and use it to expand your customers’ audience.

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Stay ahead of your competitor with a stunning website.

Web Design

Up-to Date! Redesigned! Don’t Fall Behind!

At any moment you might be surprised by the release of a competitor’s new product, marketed with a beautiful new website full of content and features no one has ever imagined before.

Well, that should be your fear, anyway! Stay ahead of them with a stunning site with and excellent user interface, that screams professionalism and cutting-edge design.

Pinch can help with a website refresh that includes:

  • e-commerce function
  • Show potential customers full product features
  • Responsive features like live chat, exit pop-ups, and email capture
  • Content production and editing via Wordpress
  • Backend SEO to produce high Google rankings
  • And design that will make the competition nervous.
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Frank McWilliams from Method Learning talks about working with Pinch Media, LLC.
Ryan is great to work with. He responds very quickly to requests, he understands our goals, creates impactful videos, and completes projects on time. I highly recommend Ryan and his team over at Pinch.
Frank McWilliams, ChIEf Operating Officer
Method Learning

Animation & Motion Graphics

Stand out from the crowd with sophisticated commercial art

You have seen a lot of corporate websites, with their photos, videos and text. Animation? You haven’t seen too much of that. Pinch offers frame-by-frame, custom-illustrated animation that will draw visitors and keep them on your site. Animation allows you to showcase your work in a level of detail that no other medium can achieve.

Animation helps tell a story with eye-catching graphics, professional-looking subtitles, sizzle reels and special effects -- without the special expense.

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Explainer Videos

People make facts come to life

Some products are complex. Heck, some companies are complex. They need a friendly face, voice, and fun video to explain them, whether your client is selling B2B or B2C. 

Explainer videos can:

  • Show what a company or product does, with examples
  • Educate a workforce on internal processes like how to take advantage of HR benefits
  • Prompt visitors to close the deal
  • Showcase a new website, SaaS platform, app, or software

And nothing cements a sale like a video of a satisfied customer boasting about how smart they were to hire your client.

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WhiteBoard animation

Simple – not boring –pitches that sell

Whiteboarding implies the classroom setting where a talented teacher shows the path toward greater knowledge. Your teacher will be entertaining and informational, without leaving anyone behind.

Pinch creates custom, hand-drawn animations to explain any process, product or service that you or your clients offer. In addition to professionally drawn art, which can range from highly technical or entertaining doodles, we provide scripts, voice talent and complete support.

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We have had a great experience collaborating with Pinch- Ryan jumps into any project with fresh eyes and new ideas. Creating content for our products on film has been a new territory for our NY based team, but we’ve been in good hands with Ryan directing - everything from collaborating on scriptwriting to coaching talent in the moment.
Sarah Quinn, Sales Coordinator
BabyBjorn Inc

Social media Design & Strategy

Go full-in with a social media communications plan

A social media campaign requires planning, more planning and time-consuming execution. Frankly, it's hard work. Social media is a monster that constantly needs to be fed, and it takes time to come up with engaging and powerful content that catches your audience's attention.

Pinch will do it for you, building on ideas from you and your clients. From conception of the unique approach each platform requires, to creation of campaigns highlighted by copy, video and gifs, and audits that guide future direction, social media can become a crucial tool to increase sales. Instead of something you dread. 

Pinch provides social media marketing for small businesses to enterprises alike. No matter if you own a startup or a Fortune 500 company, our social media marketing team  can assist you with your next campaign.

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Pinch presents information with cool, modern designs so visitors quickly grasp why our customers are the businesses that can help their customers.

Infographics & Presentations

Explain — and stand out from the clutter

Most people need help understanding new concepts. Boring PowerPoints just don’t cut it anymore. Impressive infographics and animated presentations explain the most complicated ideas or processes in a way that anyone can get.

That is, as long as they are created by experts who understand how to communicate graphically. Pinch does that. And we present information with cool, modern designs so visitors quickly grasp why our customers are the businesses that can help their customers.

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With Pinch, you can provide contests, games, online quizzes and special landing pages.

Digital Activations

User experiences that attract so you can sell

Digital marketing has entered such an exciting era where the possibilities for cool and viral campaigns are limitless. With Pinch, you can provide contests, games, online quizzes and special landing pages.

Not only do you draw in visitors when you offer fun and interactive communications, you alsoboost Google rankings. Plus, potential customers learn more about why they should pay your customers to make life better for them.

So, how can we help? You know you need it - we know we can lend a hand! Let’s partner on something great for your business. After all, it’s our only mission - help you succeed with amazing creative and smart strategy. Reach out today and we’ll get to work. 

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