Get your production back up and running with these COVID safety tips.

Ryan Geiger
February 12, 2021 9:02 AM

Covid is just another “on-set dilemma” we solved to keep the production going.

When covid19 hit the east coast and eventually the entire world, many businesses were shut down, including the halting of all video production. But with businesses constantly needing content, and marketing never sleeping, video production couldn’t stay dormant. Productions had to start back up, now with clear and special precautions taken.

Here are those easy steps to make sure your set is safe, follows guidelines, and handles this pandemic in the best way possible.

Step one:

Make sure your crew and talent are covid free prior to the shoot day. Check in with them regularly prior to production. If someone isn’t feeling well for any reason 7 days leading up the shoot, find a replacement to be safe.

Step two:

Keep the production crew to an absolute minimum. No need for any extra staff if you don't need them. It most likely will make the shoot longer and the production more difficult, but the fewer people on set, the safer it will be for everyone. Allow only the most crucial members of your client's company to come on set. Many will want to come to weigh in, but ask them to only bring the real decision makers.

Step three:

Create a detailed contact list so you know who and where everybody on set resides in the area. This will make contact-tracing easier if someone does come down with covid post-shoot.  

Step four:

Administer temperature checks as clients and crew check in on shoot day. Nobody gets on set without a proper mask.

Step five:

Make someone the dedicated covid regulator to make sure everybody is following CDC guidelines from social distancing to washing their hands, wearing their masks and being extra cautious.

Step six:

Work in a spacious and well ventilated area. Make sure everybody has safe space to operate in. The more space and distance, the better people can stay six feet apart.

Finally, stay vigilant!

Have hand sanitizer throughout the set. Wipe down things periodically like the camera and equipment, food area, bathrooms, and any high traffic parts of the set.

Covid isn’t fun, and it’s stressful to have to work under the constant concern for health safety. But, with team effort, smart planning, and lots of preparation, shoots can still go off without a hitch, and great creative can still be made during a pandemic. We always find a way! 

If you need a video, Pinch has the production crew and safety knowhow to film your next commercial, explainer video, or social media post safely and efficiently. Reach out today to get started on your next project.

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